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#RickRoss #MarbleFloors

Dirty Uncle Diaz Doing Dirty Uncle Shit in a Hyundai.

Andy, you’re high. go home. 

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And four more

Andy has been dogsitting for me, and updating me on Simon’s going’s on via snapchat. my dog is apparently living it up in my absence. 

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Berthoud Pass, May 20th. Rain, Snow, Hail. 

Follow my personal blog if you want. Monday, first and unfortunately only real day of our roadtrip. weather caused my bikes electrical to short out, and andy has frostbite, carpal tunnel, and a pinched nerve, so we’re limping back to Denver over the next few days. 

The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me


Pretty sure Jesse Lacey came up with the album title while sweating in the restroom one morning after eating soul food.

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Priceonomics Blog: The Pseudo-Business Of The NCAA

Why I refuse to watch or support major college sports.. 



College sports are an $8 billion industry. Without even accounting for the revenues that private companies like CBS and ESPN make from college sports, that is roughly the value of the National Football League.

Given that college athletes are considered “amateurs” for whom sports…

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